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Aloe Blacc - “The Man”

Talib Kweli - “Rare Portraits”

Jessie Ware & Sampha - “Valentine”

#SongOfTheWeek: DJ Premier - “Classic (feat. Kanye West, Nas, Rakim & KRS-One)”

#RandomSongOfTheDay: T.I. & Jazmine Sullivan - “Dying In Your Arms”

The VS. Series: Lady Gaga VS. Mateo

"Bad Romance" is one of Lady Gaga’s biggest singles, and the R&B cover brotha, Mateo, had to give it a shot.  How’d he do?

Lady Gaga -

Mateo -

#IllBeatMonday: Nas - “Nas Is Like”

#SongOfTheWeek: K. Roosevelt - “Do Me Now (feat. Hit-Boy)”


  • RhymeSkeem - “Skeemin: The Prelude” (mixtape): January 10
  • Sean Paul - “Full Frequency” (album): February 18
  • B.o.B & T.I. - “The Man & The Martian” (album): TBA
  • Black Star - “Unknown Album”: TBA
  • Dr. Dre - “Detox” (album): TBA
  • Fabolous - “Loso’s Way 2: Rise To Power” (album): TBA
  • Hi-Tek - “Hi-Teknology 4: Ohio Player” (album): TBA
  • KiD CuDi - “Man on the Moon III” (album): TBA
  • Mario - “Evolve” (album): TBA
  • Nas & Common - “Nas.Com” (album): TBA
  • Ne-Yo - “1O1” (mixtape): TBA
  • Phife Dawg - “Songs in the Key of Phife Vol 1: Cheryl’s Big Son” (album): TBA
  • Q-Tip - “The Last Zulu” (album): TBA
  • The Roots - “& You Shoot Your Cousin” (album): TBA
  • Talib Kweli & Madlib - “Liberation 2” (mixtape): TBA
  • XV - “The Kid With The Green Backpack” (album): TBA


Okay.  I have seen some Top 10 lists already, and they include mixtapes and EPs… however, I will not do that.  A mixtape is a collection of songs that can flow like an album, but no profit is made off of it and it may or may not have a DJ hosting it and tagging some songs.  An EP is a 3-7 song collection has two purposes from what I have seen; one is to release something to hold over a fan base until the album comes out, or to just release something because music hasn’t been released in a while and the artists has some, but not many, songs to sell.  My top 10 hip-hop / rap albums list is pure albums… No question about that.  Each one is accompanied by a few comments… these are not meant to be interpreted as reviews… those would be a lot longer.  Here they are:

10. The Procussions - “The Procussions”

  • The reunion of Mr. J & Stro came with an album.  I did not enjoy it as much as their past works, but it was enough to make my list.  I prefer Mr. J’s solo work now.  

9. Drake - “Nothing Was The Same”

  • I am not a Drake fan, but this album has some goodies on it.  Not only did Drake introduce me to Sampha, but also to Majid Jordan, who reminds me so much of the 80s for some reason… I really like that.  Decent album.

8. Big KRIT - “K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time)”

  • No one even talks about this album anymore… darn shame too.  It was a good album.  I expect more from Big KRIT in the future… especially more collabs with Bun B.  They work very well together.

7. Wale - “The Gifted”

  • This album was better than Ambition, but not as good as Attention Deficit.  As of now, this is the middle album.  Everyone says MMG ruined Wale… but after hearing this album, I see that there’s an element of his former self still remaining.  That being said, this was a good album and it deserves more attention than what it has gotten.

6. Talib Kweli - “Prisoner of Conscious”

  • Mr. Kweli is as busy as ever.  PoC was a great early summer album… especially w/ “Come Here (feat. Miguel)”.  Talib has released so many albums and mixtapes… and it doesn’t look like he’s finished.

5. Pusha T - “My Name Is My Name”

  • Your Pusha!!  His album is hardly talked about as well, but it was solid enough to be in my top 5.  The album has no sort of bangers whatsoever.  But the lyrics are clever, and it’s a hip-hop album that can definitely be appreciated.  

4. Childish Gambino - “Because The Internet”

  • This album was… so interesting.  For anyone who’s listened to it, do make sure you see the screenplay too.  It’ll make way more sense.  Once you understand the entire package, this album is nothing short of genius.  And shoutout to the BMore club element on one of the tracks!

3. Talib Kweli - “Gravitas”

  • PoC wasn’t enough this year.  Talib went above & beyond to independently release another album that was actually better and more conscious than PoC.  Plenty of dope tracks on it.

2. Tech N9ne - “Something Else”

  • I’ve always liked Tech N9ne, and this album was full of greatness.  Dude can be creepy, but once you look past that, you realize a lot of talent and great production.  

1. Kanye West - “Yeezus”

  • Instantly found the album entertaining.  Meanwhile, I came to realize the critics praised it & the consumers condemned it.  Guess I feel the same way as the critics haha.  ”Black Skinhead” became a primary gym song, “Blood on the Leaves” hit my top 10 songs, “Bound 2” is fun to sing (though the video is lame)… and the whole album just sounds grand in a car.  Yeah!



I honestly haven’t listened to many mixtapes this year… maybe 6 at the most.  Making a top 10 was impossible… so I decided to go with my top 3.  Here they go:

3. Stalley - “Honest Cowboy”

  • This one was a friend recommendation… wow.  I’ve heard of Stalley, but never had any inspiration to pursue his music.  This mixtape was a pleasant surprise to my ears, because I expected it to sound more… Maybach Music-ish.  He’s an odd fit, that’s for sure.  Definitely a great tape.

2. Fabolous - “The Soul Tape 3”

  • Fabolous dropped it on Christmas just in time to make it on to my list before the year was out!  Fabo had a little bit of everything on here… the anticipated “Control” response, the features, the bangers… yes.  I honestly thought he was gonna become my #1 when I heard he was releasing something, but it didn’t happen… but still, it is totally worth it.

1. Chance The Rapper - “Acid Rap”

  • When I first heard the name, I was like “Who’s that?”  The decision to listen to this mixtape was rather random and spontaneous, but I’m glad that I did.  He has great features, and he’s… just such an interesting character.  His lyricism isn’t the best I’ve heard, but the mixtape as a whole is such a smoooooth ride.  Enjoy it!

RUNNER-UP: HS87 - “All I’ve Ever Dreamed Of”

TOP 10 SONGS OF 2013

10. Sevyn Streeter - “It Won’t Stop”

  • It is no mistake that the version without Chris Brown makes my list.  I heard this track, and immediately fell in love with the bass-driven slow jam that it is.  While Chris Brown doesn’t necessarily hurt the song, he doesn’t make it any better either… so the original w/o him is the way to go.  I find it interesting that the actual EP only has the version with him on it.

9. Cris Cab - “Rule The World (feat. B.o.B)”

  • Definitely an underground guy… he’s a Cuban dude who either does Ska / Reggae influenced covers / remixes to big singles, or does his own music, which has a similar flavor.  I had a problem getting the beat out of my head.  Lyrically, there’s not much to it… it’s just… catchy, and I like it haha.

8. Sampha - “Too Much”

  • I can definitely say Drake did one great thing this year by introducing me to Sampha.  He’s an R&B artist from the UK who has a unique voice for sure.  I like the version of this song with Drake, but once I heard this… I was sold.  

7. Mateo - “Sing About Me”

  • Yes, you may know the track name from Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC.  This is an R&B cover of the track done by the master of covers himself, Mateo!  If you like the original, give this a shot, you will most surely enjoy it.

6. Beyonce - “I Been On (Remix feat. Lil’ Keke, Slim Thug, Willie D, Scarface, Z-Ro & Bun B)”

  • As much as I did not like “Bow Down”, I loved the beat of “I Been On” way more, but there were really no substantial lyrics or length to go to the song… until this remix came out.  Houston’s best rappers came together to contribute to the song, and did a bomb job.  You want some crankage?  Blast this.

5. Kanye West - “Blood On The Leaves”

  • My favorite track from Yeezus.  There’s just a unique use of the samples that really works well to make the song sound great.  The piano serves as a great backdrop to the song, but when the beat drops… it’s over.  I lose it every time!

4. The Procussions - “Virginia Wolf”

  • Those who follow The Procussions were more than excited to see 2 of the 3 original members reunite this year.  This is one of their monthly exclusive tracks where we got to hear Stro rap for the first time in a long time.  My favorite part of the song?  That.  Bass.  Line.

3. Drake - “The Motion (feat. Sampha)”

  • That awkward moment when the best song from an album the bonus / deluxe edition track.  If I had a dollar for every time this year I said “I guess that’s just the motion”, I’d be one of the richest people in the world.  This is one song of his that I can actually relate to, and ‘the motion’ can apply to so many aspects of life.  Grand job, Drake, grand job.  

2. Bunji Garlin - “Differentology [Ready for the Road (feat. Nigel Rojas)]”

  • We’re getting close!  This is my ultimate hype song of the year… leave it to the Caribbean to bless with me with such a great track!  Bunji Garlin, one of the hottest soca artists out, released this track and I have been a fan ever since.  Did you know Shonda Rhimes is hip too??  This song was definitely in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy not too long ago.  We ready for the rooooooooad!

1. Tech N9ne - “Fragile (feat. ¡MAYDAY!, Kendall Morgan & Kendrick Lamar)”

  • Every element of this song is great.  It has a singing verse, rap verses, a catchy chorus, a nice simple beat… quite a craft.  I also like the message of the track: Artists are subject to a lot of undeserved criticism and it does have potential to lead them to breaking points (thus being fragile).  This was a great introduction to the likes of MAYDAY! and Kendall Morgan, and yet another grand feature from K.Dot.  There is just no way one can dislike a song like this.

RUNNER-UPS: Mario’s “Somebody Else”, Schoolboy Q’s “Collard Greens”, Jhene Aiko’s “Bed Peace”

Kendrick Lamar - “Sing About Me”

#SongOfTheWeek: K-Os - “Sunday Morning (Twilight Mix)”