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This Weekend’s Sum-Up (9/29 - 9/30)

This is new huh?  Well here we go!

  • Justin Bieber threw up right on stage at a concert… eww!  I feel really bad for the people who were in the front row and had to see that close up.  So disgusting.  
  • The Game got kicked out of Weezy’s birthday party for fighting with some rapper named 211.  *shakes head*
  • BET Brothers Brawl!  Rick Ross & Young Jeezy got into a fight… all that’s known is that words were exchanged, pushing & shoving occurred, they went out to the parking lot, shots were fired (literally), and the gunman got arrested.  No idea who shot, but I’m sure details will be revealed soon enough.  Rapper Gunplay fought some members of 50 Cent’s entourage as well, but no guns there, thank goodness.  Can the awards get much worse?  *shakes head again*
  • Q-Tip said a MOUTHFUL.  Cruel Winter could possibly be on the way!  I quote, “If there’s a Cruel Summer, then there’s got to be a Cruel Winter, right?”  I was rather disappointed that the early songs released were the best ones, and Q-Tip, Mr. Hudson & some others were nowhere to be found!  For once, Winter may be better than Summer.
  • B.o.B just randomly revealed that his new mixtape is called “F*** Em We Ball”… supposedly it is coming out very soon.  Hopefully it’ll be awesome, I’ve always found his mixtapes to be.